A Few Dr.Jart Products


Based on what I have read from beauty gurus, magazines, and makeup artists, the beauty brand Dr.Jart has earned a spot among face mask royalty, so I had to try it out for myself. I was pleasantly surprised that their products are not insanely expensive, especially for a face mask which you use once and then throw out. Through this process I realized I expect a lot from a face mask, but in my defense if I am paying $12 for twenty minutes then I better see some sort of results.


Dr. Jart’s “Clearing Solution” Sheet Mask


Of the masks that I tried, the clearing solution mask produced the most obvious results after only one use. It did not completely cure my skin of blemishes (although maybe if I used it regularly for a week or two it would), but I did notice improvements. This would be a great mask for emergencies or if you have an important event the next day. I used this mask at night, and blemishes on my face looked less red and not as prominent the next day. My only warning is that it might not be the best for people with sensitive skin.


Dr. Jart’s “Deep Hydration” Sheet Mask


I take moisturizing very serious as someone with dry skin all year long, so I am picky about a product that claims to moisturize my face. I already was not sure about this mask because it has the same substance as the clear solution mask, where it feels more like a serum than a moisturizer. My skin did not feel any different after I used this mask so I would probably not be purchasing this one again.


Dr.Jart’s Ceramidin “Skin Friendly” Sheet Mask


I was not exactly sure what this mask did before buying it, but they should really change its name with the other so-called “deep hydration” mask as I think this one does a much better job at moisturizing. I like this mask better since it is more like a face cream and actually moisturized my dry skin. Plus it would work great for sensitive skin.



Dr. Jart’s “Shake & Shot” Rubber Brightening Mask


I had to try this product just because of the strange packaging. I really wanted to know what was in the container with a baby’s face drinking from a straw on the lid. I am not sure if they meant for it to look like a creepy baby, but it does to me. Anyways, when you open the packaging you realize the “straw” is actually a tool to smooth the mask on your skin and you realize you have to mix the mask together yourself. Once you mix the two liquids together it forms the “mask” (which looks and feels like yogurt) that you should quickly apply to your skin before it sets after only a few minutes. The mask did provide some glow to my skin, but it seemed like way too much effort and time for a little bit of shine. Plus, I would not recommend this brightening mask if you already have oily skin.



Dr.Jart’s “Brightening Infusion” Hydrogel Mask


This mask definitely made my skin glow, and I did not have to shake some liquids together in a cup with a baby’s face on it beforehand. This mask is great to use in the morning to look more awake and refreshed before you head out for the day. My skin was still looking fresh hours after I used this mask and even after I washed my face. It is great for sensitive skin and not as oily as the other brightening mask.






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