Mari Andrew’s “Am I There Yet?”


I have been following Mari Andrew, an illustrator and writer, on Instagram for a little while now. Each of her posts are witty and relatable. Each time she creates a new one I find myself either laughing, shaking my head in agreement, or both. I followed her from Instagram to her weekly posts on the blog Cup of Jo, to now her new book which she released in the last month. I actually pre-ordered it, but have been so busy that it kept getting pushed to the side until I finally found a pocket of time this weekend to sit down and enjoy her drawings and writing.

Since I find her drawings on Instagram so relatable, I should have one hundred percent expected it from her book. I was expecting to learn more about Mari, and maybe learn things about her that I have not yet experienced. Yet, even when I may not have had the same experience as her, she relays her stories in such an open and honest way that I still immediately relate. Multiple parts of this book really touched me, and I wish I could have all of her illustrations framed and hanging on my wall.

Mari’s book is wonderful, touching, funny, and beautiful with all of her colorful illustrations included. Some of my favorite parts include:

  • the cover itself, which looks so fun on any bookshelf,


  • all the witty details that makes me want to reread the book a few more times, such as Mari’s dedication to her mom,


  • even the contents section has illustrations,


  • her section on seasons in her life including this quote I love “I was anxious to feel more settled, to have it figured out, to stop learning lessons and just reap the benefits of lessons learned,”


  • the section on jobs she had in her twenties which was so relatable even when I have not worked some of these jobs,


  • this illustration on “dating yourself,”


  • ways to heal when dealing with hardships in your life,


  • and maps of places Mari has lived, drawn beautifully and filled with funny anecdotes.





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