I Feel Pretty

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Notes On The Film I Feel Pretty:

  • When I first saw the trailer for the film I Feel Pretty, I was interested in seeing it. Even though I still have not seen her film Trainwreck (which I may go rent now after watching this movie) I really loved her show and always found her humor to be relatable. The reviews that came out on Friday almost swayed me against seeing it, but I am glad I did and I definitely think critics have been too harsh on this film.
  • The only major critique I would give the film is that yes it is cheesy (also I was not a huge fan of Michelle Williams’ character which is hard for me to say when I love Michelle Williams). However, sometimes cheesy does not have to be a bad thing. It is okay to go to the movies and enjoy a cheesy movie about women, beauty, and being yourself in between seeing the horror films and superhero sequels that are taking over the box office right now.
  • Amy Schumer really holds her own as a main character of a film. Plus I love Aidy Bryant who can steal a scene just with her facial expressions.
  • In between the comedic scenes, and scenes about women empowerment, there is also an adorable rom-com involving actor Rory Scovel who I had never heard of before this film, but he definitely charmed me by the end of it.
  • I found the film very relatable, which is where the comedic moments work best. Yes, this is obviously aimed for women so if you do not find it relatable you probably will not laugh as hard as I did, but there were plenty of laugh out loud moments.
  • It is rated PG-13 and it could be the perfect mother and daughter outing, even if you have a teenager as the humor is neither raunchy or too mature.
  • My best argument is that the only true critic who matters is Oprah, and Oprah loved it.




*Image From IMDB.com

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