A trip to Big Sur would not be complete without a stop for lunch at Nepenthe, the restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean off the Pacific Coast Highway.

After driving along the coast, it is nice to stop for lunch at Nepenthe where you can enjoy looking out over the side of the cliff without worrying that you might drive off the side of the cliff. The view is quite majestic, even though we visited on a foggy day.


The food was also so delicious, I was obsessed with the goat cheese and garlic dish. Eating fancy cheese and crackers on the side of the mountains has become my new favorite afternoon activity.


Pictured above is Nepenthe’s giant beet salad (I promise it was huge even if it does not look like a ton of food in this picture). Their food is a little pricey partly because you are paying for the view and partly because the restaurant options are limited in Big Sur, but the amount of food they give you balances it out.

The only thing with Nepenthe is that it does not appear to be very accessible for anyone who struggles with climbing stairs to get to the top. Even with the handicap parking section, there were still some stairs you had to climb up.

Besides the food, the restaurant also has a fun outdoor area with games where you can relax among the trees.






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