The Bench


Pebble Beach Resort in Northern California is known for its top notch golf course, so of course I had to have lunch overlooking the 18th hole. There are two restaurants right next door at Pebble Beach, Stillwater and The Bench, that provide the best views. The restaurant Stillwater is more formal and focuses mainly on seafood. For a more casual lunch I choose The Bench and loved sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine, as well as the magnificent view. I may not know too much about golf, but I enjoyed pretending I did over lunch while watching golfers finish up their games.

There is formal seating inside and outside at The Bench, or if the wait is too long for outside seating you can sit around their fire pits. I read a suggestion online to eat at The Benach near sunset and sit outside when they light the fire pits, which sounds so cozy.





I have fallen in love with something called the “bread balloon” which can be found on The Bench’s menu. The inside is all air, but it is still as giant as it looks in this picture. I am not sure how they create this delicious balloon, but the bread is perfectly crispy without being too crunchy (if you know what I mean). I really should have asked for their seasoning recipe.TheBench_7141TheBench_7142TheBench_7075TheBench_7143






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