The Bradbury Building


My random knowledge about tourist attractions in Los Angeles came very handy during this season of the Bachelor when one of the dates took place at the Bradbury Building in downtown Los Angeles and I could announce loudly to my friends watching it with me that they were in fact walking through the Bradbury Building. I give props to the camera crew for making the Bradbury Building look much larger and more majestic than it appeared to me in person. This is mostly due to the restrictions for the general public, as visitors can only walk around the ground floor and stare up at the three additional floors that are off limits.

The Bradbury Building is free and you get a good sense of the architecture and design details even though you can only view it from the first floor, so if you are in downtown Los Angeles it is worth a quick stop into the building. Besides being a date spot on the Bachelor, and being featured as a set for the film Blade Runner, the Bradbury Building is a historical landmark with the title of oldest commercial building remaining in central Los Angeles.







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