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I had seen a few Masterclass advertisements, but for some reason I never was enticed to try it at first. The handful of commercials I had seen, which advertised comedy lessons from Steve Martin and acting lessons from Helen Mirren, seemed too good to be true. I assumed you had to pay a huge chunk of money for access to a forty-five minute interview where they offered anecdotes from their careers that they have already shared on a late night talk show. However, Masterclass did catch my attention when I saw an advertisement for a class with well-known phtogrpaher Annie Leibovitz, and since then I have been hooked!


Notes About Masterclass:

  • The purpose of Masterclass is to offer tips, experiences, and lessons through a series of online videos from those who have truly mastered their passion in life and are deemed successful in their specific industries.
  • Currently the website has twenty-six classes available, and seven classes that are set to be released in the coming months. The classes range from tennis taught by Serena Williams and cooking taught by Gordon Ramsey to conservation taught by Jane Goodall and television writing taught by Shonda Rhimes.
  • To me, the price for one class, $90, does seem like a lot. I would most likely wait for someone I think is worth the $90, or would ask for one of the classes as a birthday gift. However, the all access pass is really worth the price. For $180, you get access to every class available for an entire year, and you can go back and re-watch the classes.
  • The opening scene for every class is so dramatic and I always get excited to start a new class. Overall, the production value for these classes is really impressive, they unfold like mini documentaries.
  • My favorite classes that I would recommend include Annie Leibovitz, Marc Jacobs, Samuel L Jackson, Reba McEntire, and Frank Ghery.
  • You will most likely be drawn towards classes that of course focus on a skill you are passionate about, as well as classes that are taught by people who you admire or want to hear more from. I have found that no matter the skill or famous person teaching the class, I truly enjoy the instructors who personalize their class with stories and advice that is relatable for life in general.
  • The only thing I am unsure about is how long Masterclass videos stay up on the website for customers to view. The all access pass allows you to watch all videos available, as many times as you like, for a full year. However, they tease the videos that will be released in the coming months and I wonder if they will replace a few that are currently offered, or if they will just be added to the list.
  • The classes are much more in depth than I expected, as they include interviews with the guests about their career path, hands on tutorials, workbook materials with extra tips and “homework assignments, and even behind the scenes footage (for example Annie Leibovitz’s class on photography spent one episode in which the camera just followed her around on set for a Vanity Fair photo shoot).



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Upcoming classes include cooking from Thomas Keller and directing from Martin Scorsese, and at least five additional classes.

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