Eataly (Los Angeles)


I was expecting to be underwhelmed by the Eataly that recently opened in Los Angeles, so of course I actually ended up being impressed (usually I visit a new place and have high expectations and then I am disappointed, so maybe I should start lowering my expectations). Eataly takes up two floors in the Westfield Century City shopping mall. There are five Eataly locations in the United States, and even though I was living in Chicago when Eataly first opened in the city, I did not know about the Italian grocery store/restaurant until it opened this past year in Los Angeles.


When you walk into the lower level, you see a coffee shop and a gelato and cannoli station.


This is where my expectations dropped, as this level alone did not appear that impressive. However, when I walked up to the upper level I was welcomed into an Italian-food lover’s paradise.


The large space is packed with aisles of key ingredients for Italian dishes including rows of pasta, sauces and wine, and cute baskets of fruits and veggies.


There is a nice sit down restaurant section towards the back of Eataly, which I awkwardly walked through and accidentally thought it was the grocery store section.


My favorite sections of Eataly were the quick service stations scattered around including the insane cheese section, the bread booth next door to where you can watch Eataly workers make fresh bread, delicious pizza alla pala, and the yummy desserts.


Eataly also sells packaged goods and cookware.


I honestly look forward to going back to Eataly and trying something new, since there are so many options. It is a cheese, bread, pasta, coffee, and dessert lover’s heaven.


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