Angels Flight


I just happened upon Angels Flight while walking around downtown Los Angeles, as it is located near the Grand Central Market. Angels Flight Railway is recognized as a historic landmark in Los Angeles and according to their website it is the “world’s shortest railway.”  I probably would not have given it a second glance, except I recognized it from this scene in the film La La Land.

Image result for la la land angels flight scene
*Picture from Hollywood Reporter

They made it seem a lot more romantic and exciting in the film. In reality, you have to pay a dollar to take this one minute short ride that does not get as high off the ground as I expected.

As an alternative I discovered the stairs next to Angels Flight which can be used as great exercise stairs and can take you up to see the same view on top. The area was not too crowded, some families even took a private ride up the Angels Flight, although it would be $1.00 per person just for one way. I will say it would be a really cute spot for some La La Land themed engagement shoots.



And the view once you made it to the top, either by the Angels Flight or the stairs.






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