Black Panther

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If you have not been anticipating the release of Black Panther for the last couple of weeks and do not already have reservations on Fandango to see this film, than I doubt I can add anything new to the conversation to convince you to be excited enough to see it. However, I will share what I really enjoyed about the movie to make you extra excited to see the film if you already plan on attending.

Marvel always stands out from DC Comic films due to the tone of their films. Marvel never takes itself too seriously, it is not afraid to be edgier with its films, and usually each film feels unique in its own way. Though with the continuous sequels, and the new tagline for upcoming Marvel films basically being “let’s put as many superheroes together in one film as possible,” the superhero genre started to drag, but Black Panther brought in a new spark. Of course, with Black Panther featuring a primarily all black cast, and focusing on a black superhero and his family, friends, and enemies, the film already felt unique and new by breaking down a lot of barriers. Beyond the diversity, Black Panther as a whole really succeeds as an invigorating film in the superhero lineup.

I loved the special effects in the film, as they were beautiful and high tech, but never overused. The fight scenes never felt cheesy, but were exciting throughout the entire film. The acting all around was so strong. Although Black Panther is supposed to be the main character in the film, the women around him really stole the show. I would definitely see a standalone film for any of the main female characters in Black Panther.

I try to avoid large crowds when I see a movie in theaters, but Black Panther made it so difficult. I have heard theaters are selling out ahead of time this weekend, even with a long list of showings. The movie theater near me in Los Angeles has almost forty showings for the film today, between 9:00 AM and midnight. I think you can consider your film a success when you have crowds of people showing up to your superhero movie at 9:00 AM on a Saturday. If you do not see Black Panther, you might feel left out.





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