Blue Bottle Coffee


Although I regularly order a pick-me-up from Starbucks, I also love exploring coffee shops to see the different styles and character of each brand. Blue Bottle Coffee definitely leans towards the minimalist style. The brand sells coffee, brewing equipment, and even subscriptions online, and has their own cafes in six United States cities plus Tokyo. I have visited or passed a few of the locations in the Los Angeles area and it is like a little game spotting the Blue Bottle Logo on the outside of a building.

The minimalist style of Blue Bottle Coffee starts with their logo and exterior design of their cafes, then continues into their interior design and their menu. Ordering a vanilla latte was too complex for this coffee shop, I instead received a plain latte and then used the communal plain syrup to sweeten it up a bit. What I found interesting is that on the one hand they have simplistic coffee drinks, but then they also served floats with ice cream, coffee, and waffles, and even coffee tonics. So they balance mostly minimalist items with a couple of decadent options. I would love to see someone order avocado toast and the Wafelgato together.

The Blue Bottle Cafe pictured below can be found across from Grand Central Market downtown and is connected to the Bradbury Building. This influences some of its design, and I specifically love the bookcase and ceiling lights, which I want to move into my own apartment.




With my iced “plain communal syrup” latte, I also purchased this pastry and I cannot remember or find the exact name. I am pretty sure it has the words butter and apple in it, but it was very tasty. Also it sounds like I did not enjoy my latte but it was still delicious without the vanilla syrup.




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