Grand Central Market


Notes on Grand Central Market:

  • When I had quickly driven past Grand Central Market before, the view from the street made it seem super tiny and unappealing. I kept thinking people have hyped it up too much, as there is no way you could fit more than three or four stalls into the dimly lit space. Once I actually took the time to park and explore Grand Central Market I realized it is a much larger space than it appears from the street and that it is filled with charm.
  • Grand Central Market is a really good representation of downtown LA as a whole. The space has a warehouse feel to it, but is filled with a lot of trendy, and mostly pricey, food stalls. The visitors are a mix of tourists who go there to try out Eggslut, and everyone else who are locals with their favorite orders memorized.
  • There are over thirty vendors all packed into the bottom floor. There is definitely a wide range of choices from Press Brothers Juicery to Bento Ya Japanese Cuisine.
  • I love the sense of communal dining as most locations just have bar stools for patrons to sit on, which makes eating alone a lot less awkward.
  • I visited early on a Saturday to avoid crowds and was surprised by how busy it was when the market opened, and only a few stalls were serving breakfast. As it got closer to lunch and more stalls opened, the market quickly filled up.
  • There is a parking garage and I was all excited because I would not have to street park, but the garage was still a pain. The garage is tight with small parking spaces and you just keep driving up and up until you find a spot where you can actually fit your car. Between the small spaces and the terrible ways people park, it looks like only toy cars can fit into most of the open spaces.
  • I definitely want to go back for lunch and try Knead and Co Pasta or maybe a sandwich from Belcampo Meat Co. Both places were calling my name.








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