A Few Bite Beauty Products



Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask


Lately, it seems all of my explanations for discovering a new brand is through Sephora samples that I love using, so I guess Sephora knows what they are doing! I started using Bite Beauty after receiving three tiny samples of their Agave Lip Mask, and then I purchased a full tube of the lip mask in the color Champagne. They win for adorable sample packaging, plus the price for the tube size is a really great deal. The mask moisturizes my lips while it looks like I am wearing a pretty lip gloss. It is a little thicker than a normal lip gloss, which means it does not come off as easily. I like the Champagne color for everyday use, but I love the sample I got of the deeper red color, “Smashed”, and I would definitely use it for a fancier occasion.


Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Lipstick


Just like their samples, Bite Beauty has the cutest packaging for their Amuse Bouche Lipstick Set. I will definitely be using the mirror compact once I am done with the lipsticks. One thing I immediately noticed is that the lipsticks smell good, at least to me they do. They do not have an artificial smell, as if they added in something to make it smell like fake strawberries, but it naturally smells good as if they used something fresh from the backyard to make the lipsticks. That might sound really random but that was my initial thought when I put it in on. I like the colors, but the lipsticks are a little too dry for me. The color “Honeycomb” is really similar to the color “Whip” in their Liquified Lip Set. I realized I liked Whip so much better over Honeycomb simply because it did not looks as dried out on my lips.


Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Liquified Lip Set


This is the set I prefer over the lipsticks as I like that it is glossy but still moisturizing, so it does not feel like thick clay on your lips (This is how I feel about some liquified lipsticks I have tried). I also just think the colors look better in this set over the lipsticks, although for some reason these smell a little like crayons (but only slightly!).





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