The Good Place

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I finally decided to watch The Good Place after seeing complaints on Twitter that the show did not receive enough attention around award season. My first thought was “wait, I thought the show just started airing, maybe it is too early to receive formal recognition.” Then I researched the show and realized it premiered in 2016! I do not understand how I delayed watching the show for that long. It does take a lot of effort on my part to start a show as I always prefer to re-watch my favorite shows, but I finally decided to start watching the show this weekend.

Notes On The Good Place:

  • In my eyes Michael Schur, the creator of The Good Place, is a sitcom genius. Schur became well known for his work on The Office and has since been involved in creating Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I have loved all of these shows so I am on board for anything that has his name attached.
  • I also love Kristen Bell and I am so happy that she stars in a successful show.
  • Schur is known for his workplace comedies, but when you run out of workplaces the obvious next step is to tackle the afterlife. I cannot imagine where he can go next to follow up a show about what happens after you die.
  • When the first episode started I commented immediately about the visuals. The show is full of pretty visuals and bright colors used for the main setting, “The Good Place.”
  • Obviously what happens after death is a hotly debated, and usually serious topic. The show does a great job of turning the serious topic on its head and making it funny without relying on any specific religious interpretation of the afterlife.
  • Since being released in 2016, the show has slowly grown a cult following. I truly did want to watch the show as it seemed interesting, but I also wanted to seem cool and be part of the group that has seen The Good Place.
  • The show balances relatable jokes with the ridiculousness of the location, so the show can go from making a joke about someone’s job to having the characters fly.
  • While The Good Place has the typical aspects of a sitcom comedy, 30 minute episodes, the same group of wacky characters, and the same neighborhood as the consistent setting, the underlying plot has the dramatic effect of wanting to see what happens in the end. I laugh along in the moment but I also want to get to the next episode quickly to have my questions answered.
  • The show definitely makes you second guess whether you would end up in the good place or bad place.
  • After watching a few episodes I honestly see The Good Place as what it must be like to live in the happiest countries in the world, so basically Norway and Finland.




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