BOA Steakhouse (On Sunset)


I may or may not have heard about BOA Steakhouse from when I used to watch TMZ back in the day and they were always talking with celebrities outside of this restaurant. Luckily the paparazzi did not catch me at dinner and I could eat in peace(It’s just so hard being a celebrity 😉 ). Although, there are two BOA Steakhouse locations so maybe the paparazzi was waiting for the celebrities who eat at the one in Santa Monica instead of the one in West Hollywood. The pictures bellow are taken at the BOA Steakhouse on Sunset Blvd.

Since it is such a popular steakhouse I expected the most amazing steak, and honestly I was not that impressed. However, my theory is that celebrities flock to BOA Steakhouse for the most amazing bread rolls. BOA must know how delicious their bread rolls taste as they do not give the table a basket full of them, but instead give each person just one bread roll on a tiny plate. Then you either have to ask for another bread roll or they note the longing in your eyes and will ask if they should bring another roll to the table. On the one hand I felt judged, but on the other hand I did not care because they are so delicious.

Overall their food was good, including their steak, chicken, sides, and dessert, but this whole post is just a recommendation for their rolls. The restaurant has a sleek, nightclub vibe going for it, which can be great for a romantic date.







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