So of course no one really needs high-priced candy, but Sugarfina’s storefront, a combination of a fancy boutique and an enticing candy shop, somehow convinced me to try it out. Besides having their own storefront, Sugarfina is very savvy about partnerships they do with other companies, brands, and celebrities which attracts customers such as their collaboration with Reese Witherspoon with a bento box of candy inspired by her store Draper James and her own southern charm.

Since the candy is so expensive I would suggest  making sure the candy you pick would be types you would enjoy. All of Sugarfina’s candy tastes gourmet, compared to candy you would find at a convenient store, but some of them are definitely worth the purchase price over others. My personal favorites include S’mores, Golden Truffle Eggs, Sugarfina Pearls, and Peach Bellini (they have a nice range of cocktail themed candy). The Sugarfina bento boxes also make such fun gifts, as they entice you with adorable looking candy.







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