I, Tonya

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You Should You See the Film I, Tonya:

  • If you remember or have heard about the “Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan incident.” If you remember it, than seeing the whole story from Harding’s point of view in this film will change your perspective. If you have not heard of it before, read about it briefly and than the film will still change your perspective.
  • If you can handle some violence. The R rating is really for the harsh cursing and portrayal of domestic violence in the film. It never becomes too gory, but it is very realistic and you will be cringing a lot throughout the film.
  • For Margot Robbie’s brilliant portrayal of Tonya Harding. The character is harsh and flawed, but definitely humanized beyond what you may have heard in the media. Robbie overall really nails the character in this film and it is her best performance to date.
  • For some stellar acting from Allison Janney and Sebastian Stan, who play her mother and first husband. The performances in this film are what make it great as they balance the rough qualities of the characters while also binging some humor to a dark story.
  • If you can ignore the cringe-worthy CGI. The film is mostly flawless, but the handful of scenes that depict Harding skating on the ice really need some help as Robbie’s face is attempted to match the skater’s body, and the results are pretty rough.
  • For the emotional roller coaster throughout the film. The story really plays with your emotions as you go from laughing in one second to shock and appalled in the next. You will definitely feel Harding’s frustration and pain in life, while also laughing a lot. It is amazing that this story, and the characters in it, are true to life.
  • For a really great dark comedy that leaves you unsettled by the end of it.




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