The Wisdom of Sundays


Even after ending her daily talk show, Oprah Winfrey continues to stay in the spotlight through movies, the O magazine, and her television network OWN among many other ventures. It is her show Super Soul Sunday, shown on OWN, that closely resembles her past, popular talk show. I usually only watch the show when I have a special interest in a particular guest, but I have enjoyed each episode that I watched. Since the show started in 2011, Oprah has now offered it as a podcast and she put together excerpts of some of her favorite interviews in the book “Wisdom of Sundays”.

In the beginning of the book Oprah mentions that in every interview she hopes to form a connection with someone and to feel inspired even if it is just for the rest of the day. I think this book could be a great gift or just a nice book to set on the coffee table or book shelf that you can open every once in a while to feel a little more inspired.

My favorite excerpts include Jack Kornfield on forgiveness, Tony Robbins on being your most authentic self, Amy Purdy on visualizing your dreams, Norman Lear on the importance of laughter, Cheryl Strayed on acceptance, Shonda Rhimes on life’s trade-offs, and President Jimmy Carter on his perspective in the White House. The book is filled with lovely statements that will make you stop and think and maybe feel a little inspired.







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