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Based on the advertisements for this film, and since the last Pixar film I saw, Inside Out, is now one of my favorite Pixar films, I did not have great expectations for Coco, but Pixar proved me wrong and I really loved this film. Similar to most Pixar films, Coco is beautifully animated, sweet, funny for both children and adults, charming, memorable, and presents common Pixar themes like family, adventure, chasing your dreams, and coming of age. Coco stands out for its focus on traditions, and the importance of traditions in your family, as well as tackling a major topic, death!

I of course knew it was somewhat related to death and the afterlife, as the story focuses on the holiday of Dia de los Muertos (translated to Day of the Dead), and of course all of the posters and commercials feature skeleton characters. However, I felt the advertisement for the film was a little bit confusing and did not present the depth of emotion that was in the film. Overall the film was able to balance serious topics into a funny, musical, and colorful film. When I say colorful, I mean literally colorful. I think this was the most beautiful Pixar film I have watched, I just loved the animation. The film also includes original music and I was so impressed with the voice of the protagonist Miguel (the young boy).

Plus, when seeing Coco in theaters you basically pay for a movie and a half. Pixar typically includes a “short” in front of the feature length film, but they went all out as they show Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in front of Coco, an almost thirty minute Christmas-centric short that includes at least two or three new songs. I honestly thought for a moment that I walked into the wrong theater because it seemed so long.


*Image from IMDb

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