Disneyland App


During this last time that I purchased a ticket for Disneyland online, I noticed an upgrade option labeled the Disney MaxPass. I am unsure of how long they have offered the MaxPass option, which basically allows you to reserve a FastPass on your phone for $10 a person, but this was the first time I had noticed it. This also introduced me to the Disneyland App for the first time, which I loved using around the park.

The app itself is free in the itunes store and it provides a lot of useful information for your day at Disneyland. The app acts as an interactive map, an electronic version of your Disneyland tickets, and has info on park hours and showtimes throughout the day.



If you purchase the Disney MaxPass you can reserve FastPass tickets straight from your phone and save Disney photos on your phone. Since using the FastPass on your phone is only $10 per person, I assumed it had its limits, but it was definitely worth it. The app allows you to reserve a FastPass without having to walk all the way to that specific ride and you can be eating, enjoying a parade, or even waiting in line for another ride while making plans for later in the day. There are specific rules for the app though, such as you must be in the park to use the app and they put a time limit after you reserve a FastPass. For example, if I select a FastPass for Splash Mountain at 2:00pm-3:00pm, then I may not be able to reserve a FastPass for another ride until 2:03pm. Even with the limitations, I spent a lot less time standing in line.




The app works as a great resource throughout the day as it provides wait times for attractions and can help you find Character Meet and Greets, different shops and restaurants, and even the closest bathroom in the parks.


I also love that you can make dining reservations as early as two months before your visit to Disneyland. This would require some really good planing to know what time you might be eating at the parks, but this is such a useful option. Even if you do not pay the $10 for the FastPass and PhotoPass options on the app, the free resources are definitely worth the download.




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