A Few Moroccan Oil Products





Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

First of all, Moroccan Oil has the best smelling products of any hair brand and you would have to really argue well to convince me otherwise. Most importantly, not only does their shampoo and conditioner smell good, but it makes your hair smell good too. I have used a lot of hair products that smell good in the bottle but then it seams to disappear once you step out of the shower. I am an overall dry person for some reason, my skin is always dry, my scalp is always dry, and the ends of my hair are always dry, but this shampoo and conditioner does not dry out my hair.



Intense Hydrating Mask

I did not read the directions for this hydrating mask until I was already in the shower and you are supposed to put it in your hair after towel drying it, brush it through your hair, leave it in for under 10 minutes, and then wash it out. I tried to be lazy and put it in my damp hair while still in the shower, and only kept it in for about 3 minutes, and it made my hair a little softer. When I finally decided not to be so lazy and follow the proper steps, my hair was honestly transformed. My hair felt so soft and had an extra sheen to it. Of course they charge you a lot for a small bottle so I would suggest using it if your hair feels extra dry or dull during the winter, or after you have regularly used heat on your hair and it needs to be refreshed. This mask is more for your hair itself, not really to hydrate your scalp FYI.



After-Sun Milk Soothing Body Lotion

As with all Moroccan Oil products this smells amazing, but besides that I was really disappointed with this product. The only benefit I could see in buying this versus just a regular lotion is that it might be easier to use at the beach since it sprays on easily and dries fast. However, it is not as hydrating as a regular lotion, it does not really have a soothing effect, and it seems to have an oily base, which can make you look extra greasy if you have also been applying sunscreen all day.




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