Natural History Museum of Los Angeles



To be honest, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles would have definitely frightened me as a kid. The dark, small spaces and animal bones and stuffed replicas would have seemed creepy. However, this museum, located in downtown Los Angeles, is really great for families with brave little ones.

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles is known to be the largest natural history museum in the western United States and there is plenty to see. This is a great place for dinosaur fans as they have the dinosaur hall, right at the entrance, plus the Dino lab and Dinosaur Encounters. This museum is well known in photos for the two long halls of mammal dioramas on display. These two rooms are actually very popular for weddings, and it would definitely provide an interesting backdrop during the reception.

Overall the museum has a strong connection with nature, such as the bird exhibits, insect zoo, nature gardens, butterfly pavilion, and spider pavilion. There is also a little bit of art and LA city history sprinkled into the exhibits.






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