California seems to do fast-casual healthy dining restaurants well (although some would argue at an expensive price). When I first moved to California and heard people referring to Lemonade I just thought there was a restaurant that was known for its awesome lemonade until I realized that the actual name of the restaurant is Lemonade.

I have seen Lemonade be described as a cafeteria-style restaurant, but one can only wish that their cafeteria offered these kind of selections. There are basically three main food stations, plus dessert and of course lemonade. The first station is served in “portions” and includes different variations on salads and land & sea selections(chicken breast, salmon, tuna, etc.). My favorites include the Orecchiette Pasta & Cherry Tomatoes and the Pineapple Chicken & Green Beans. Next are their hot selections, and while two different types of mac n cheese might not seem very healthy, I assume it all balances out when you first filled your plate with salad. The third section is sandwiches which all taste fresh and are served on ciabatta bread then toasted. While they regularly offer staple menu items, Lemonade’s food and lemonade consistently change and they always seem to have new seasonal flavors.






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