Alfred’s Coffee


Any coffee shop that has two locations within a mile of each other that always seem to have lines, is worth visiting in my book. There are six Alfred’s Coffee locations in total, and two of them are located off of Melrose Avenue. Alfred’s actually sells Stumptown coffee, and describes itself as a neighborly coffee shop, but it really gains its fans through the style and quirk put into the unique details of each shop. I have a goal of visiting each Alfred’s Coffee shop in Los Angeles just to see what gems they have in each store.

Besides just the fun quirks of each shop, Alfred’s makes a good latte and they offer some food selections. I ordered a yogurt parfait type item at the Alfred “In the Alley” location on Melrose Avenue and it was pricey for a parfait served in a cup, but it was delicious and fresh tasting so I have no complaints about their drinks or food. The workers are always really nice and I truly get a kick from visiting their stores, such as the Overheard in LA quotes on their cups and the fact that they sell whole coconuts which will be cracked open for you at the register(as seen in the photos below).





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