A Few Sephora Products


Does anybody else always shop at Sephora and yet ignore all of the Sephora brand products? For some reason I had to force myself to stop and pay attention to Sephora’s own products, and I found they had a variety of beauty products at really reasonable prices, at least compared to the other brands they have in stock.


Sephora Collection Skinny Brush Wrap

Make up brushes are the last beauty items I want to spend a lot of money on if I can help it, so I searched out Sephora’s cheapest makeup brushes which came with its own travel case, which I really like. Sephora has a couple different lines of brushes, which they label as “pro” to charge more money for them, but I think these brushes hold up really well and are super soft on the skin so I do not feel the need to purchase a more expensive set from Sephora.



Sephora Collection Pure Extract Facial Cleansing Pads

I was not exactly sure what I was getting when I ordered these cleansing pads, but I just like to try anything that could help exfoliate my face especially after sweating so much and putting on sunscreen in the hot Los Angeles sun. While it says “pads” in the title, these are really more of a sponge, which means a much more gentle exfoliation. The pads are infused with red grape leaf extract, olive seed powder, and Vitamin E, and the ingredient combination is supposed to exfoliate your skin, improve elasticity, and hydrate the skin. Overall, this is a tool for washing your face during your regular routine as you can soak the sponges and add on your face wash. I have found that using these leaves my skin more hydrated after washing it, instead of my face scrub stripping my skin and leaving it dry.


Sephora Collection Charcoal Nose Strip

I loved this nose strip so much that I immediately ordered more after trying it out. Not only did it clean out my pores, but the skin around my nose was so smooth and soft for days afterwards. Also, they are super cheap so you can stock up on a bunch of them. The only mistake I made is not properly following the directions which say to dampen the strip, not soak it so much that part of the charcoal sticks to your skin and you have to scrub it off with a hot rag.


Sephora Collection Colorful Cheek Ink Gel in Peony

I was hesitant about trying out an ink gel for blush instead of powder as I was afraid it would irritate my skin or sit on the skin and not look natural, but neither of those things happened. Instead the gel went on smoothly and easily blended in with my skin. While the gel almost looks like a neon pink, the color actually comes off lightly which helps it look natural. You have to really build up the color to get a strong pink cheek look. I also really like the gel as it adds a subtle glow with your blush.




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