If the restaurant had a different name(which did not literally have the word taco in it), then I would be confused about the menu offering when first visiting BarTaco. The blue and white colors and the interior design, which includes really cool wicker baskets hanging from the ceiling, do not scream delicious taco joint to me. It had more of a Caribbean island vibe. I also found it confusing that you order your food by filling out a piece of paper, which the waiter described to me in the same amount of time it would take to ask for my order. However, besides theses confusing aspects, BarTaco’s tacos are some of my favorite tacos I have ever tried. Originally I thought the 12th Avenue BarTaco location in Nashville was just a singular restaurant, but there are actually fifteen locations across the United States.

At BarTaco I discovered a really great food pairing and that is tacos and pineapple. If you have mild tacos then the pineapples just act as refreshing pallet cleansers, but if you have spicy tacos then the pineapples seem to magnify this by ten(I do not handle spicy foods well, so I obviously went for mild tacos). I now think every restaurant should offer fresh pineapple as a side dish.






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