Amelia’s Flower Truck


I fell into the tourist trap and bought flowers from Amelia’s Flower Truck. I think the truck should have the slogan “So adorable we will convince you to buy flowers even though you are just visiting and staying in a hotel room without a vase”. Most people just took a picture next to the truck and moved on but I felt too guilty that I had to buy something from the woman working at the truck. I’m surprised I have not seen any flower trucks in Los Angeles as the flower tents at the farmers’ markets around Southern California are always the most popular section.

The flowers are definitely pricier than average, but you can put your own bouquet together or they will put one together for you. Then they wrap up the flowers right at the back of the truck in some brown wrapping paper. The truck for Amelia’s Flower Truck actually works, so it moves to different places in Nashville, Tennessee. The schedule stays consistent for the most part, so you can check on their website or or their Instagram to find out where the truck will go to next. Amelia’s also delivers flowers, they even offer subscriptions, and you can book the truck for events. I think it would be so cute to create floral arrangements at a party or give them out as favors.





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