Five Daughter’s Bakery


Five Daughters Bakery is known for their donuts, but their menu offerings do not stop there. When I first walked into the bakery I was handed a menu that had something called the “Chocolate Coma” on it, and I knew I was in the right place.

Even though they advertise that they offer their product until they sell out everyday, I visited in the afternoon and there was still plenty of options. Besides their classic 100 layer donuts, Five Daughters Bakery also has donut bowls(which are the most indulgent things on the menu) and cookies. While I am generally not a fan of really thick and doughy donuts(which is what you get when it has 100 layers), I loved their cookies. I honestly would order a dozen of their Snowcap cookies and ship them out to Los Angeles. Five Daughters Bakery also takes into consideration dietary restrictions as they offer vegan and paleo options.

Five Daughters Bakery has two locations in Nashville, one location in Franklin, and a location in Florida. I visited the 12th street store, which is setup in what looks like to me a house. This store design is popular along 12th street in Nashville, where the businesses are setup in a house with all of the furniture moved out and walls knocked down. I really like it because it looks adorable on the outside and it is really spacious on the inside. So, if you visit Five Daughters Bakery and it is busy, it at least feels less crowded.






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