Frothy Monkey


If you are one of those people who believes true coffee is only black coffee, or you are against over-the-top coffee drinks, then maybe you will not enjoy this coffee shop as much as I did. However, if you really enjoy flavored coffee then you should visit Frothy Monkey and try their coconut cream latte, creamsicle latte, monkey mocha or any other fun coffee drinks they offer. Frothy Monkey also has other fun non-coffee drinks from their sparkling raspberry matcha to a long list of alcoholic concoctions that all sound like there is a lot of extra sugar involved.

Along with drinks, Frothy Monkey also has a cutesy sounding menu with tasty food. I only had time for breakfast but would be happy to go back for lunch, dinner, and definitely dessert(I still have my eye on their shortbread crisp banana pudding). All of Frothy Monkey’s locations are within Tennessee, with three out of five stores located in Nashville.





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