A Few Philosophy Products



Philosophy’s Glazed Body Souffle and Body Lotion in Fresh Cream & Mint, and Body Emulsion in Amazing Grace


I was trying to tell the difference between Philosophy’s body lotion, body emulsion, and glazed body souffle, but they all worked the same way. I would not pay extra for one product over the other, as all of them work like normal body lotions. I tried out the fresh cream & mint smell for the first time and I really like it. As described in its name, it smells like mint, but not too overpowering. Also, every philosophy product comes with a message written on the bottle or a fun recipe you can try out. Originally I though the ingredients on the front were what was in the product, but the description on the front of the fresh cream & mint body lotion is actually for peppermint whipped cream.


Philosophy’s Purity One-step Facial Cleanser


Philosophy is best known for this facial cleanser. It has won numerous beauty awards and tops a lot of lists for must have products. I tend to have a bias against facial cleansers that do not scrub or suds, for some reason they never work effectively on my skin. However, my opinion has been changed after using Purity. I would not say it is a miracle cleanser, it did not immediately make any and every blemish on my face disappear, but it has improved my skin and I like how my skin feels softer after using it. Plus it smells really good.


Philosophy’s Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath


I regularly use this product not for any of the reasons written on the bottle(as shampoo, shower gel, or bubble bath), but I actually use it as shaving cream. If you put on a good layer of the product it can effectively be used to shave your legs, and elsewhere, while leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft afterwards. I find most of the shaving creams I have used leave my skin feeling extra dry, but using a shower gel does not dry out my skin as much. Also, it lasts longer than a typical bottle of shaving cream. It does not work effectively as a shampoo, it really should be considered false advertisement that it tries to convince people it would work well in your hair, but as a shower gel and bubble bath it works just fine. As mentioned before, I really like the fresh cream & mint smell, although coconut is my all time favorite.


Philosophy’s Uplifting Miracle Worker Cool-lift & Firm Moisturizer for Face & Neck and Cool-lift & Firm Eye Cream, and Time In a Bottle


I am always suspicious of any beauty product that puts “miracle” in its title, plus if you get tiny samples in a beauty set then you can always assume the full size product is most likely expensive. Luckily for my wallet I was not too impressed with with cool-lift and firm moisturizer for face and neck. The lotion was too thick for me, as thicker moisturizers on my face tend to clog up my pores plus they make it harder to apply makeup after you use it. I did not notice any difference from using the product, and it did not have a cooling effect(unless I was supposed to put it in the fridge first). The eye cream did decrease some of the puffiness under my eyes when I used it in the morning, but I disliked the smell so much that I could never regularly use the product. I unexpectedly loved the Time in a Bottle face serum. It made my skin feel smoother, softer, and look brighter. Plus I really like the smell, not too heavy but just enough to make my skin smell good.





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