Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center



Things To Know About the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center:

  • Opryland is located in Nashville, Tennessee, although it is a little removed from the main attractions in downtown Nashville and along Honky Tonk Highway. I honestly preferred staying over in this section of Nashville, plus Opryland is right next door to the Grand Ole Opry.
  • The resort is huge! The Gaylord Opryland Resort is famously known for its large property. This is due mostly to the entertainment and attractions that they squeeze inside the resort, but there is also endless guests rooms spread throughout. Be prepared for plenty of walking during your stay, and for possibly getting lost once or twice.
  • The main attraction at the resort is the indoor atrium, and overall interior design of the resort. Even if you are not actually staying at Opryland, walking around the resort is still a really enjoyable activity(plus it is free). The atrium ceiling inside Opryland is made of glass, which really transforms the space when it goes from light to dark outside. The resort is decorated with a variety of greenery, decorative lights, waterfalls, and a river through the middle. You can purchase tickets for a boat ride down the river, but honestly it did not seem worth the money when you can see the same sights by walking.
  • While staying at this resort you really do not not have to even walk outside for food options, as there are over fifteen restaurants and eateries within walking distance from each other. There are a variety of choices for food including American cuisine, sushi, Italian, a steakhouse, and even frozen yogurt.
  • There are a handful of shops inside the resort but the main shopping is located at the Opry Mills on the other side of the resort parking lot. The Opry Mills advertises itself as the largest outlet in Tennessee, which means lots of shopping options at discount prices. There are a few more restaurants, a Regal movie theater, and a Dave and Busters attached to the outlet shops for even more food and entertainment.
  • When booking a room at the Opryland Resort, the rooms with a view of the atrium are always priced higher. Keep in mind though, that the windows open right into the busiest part of the resort on the atrium side, which means lots of guests walking around and making noise, possibly at late hours. If you like a quiet hotel room or plan on going to bed earlier than you might not like having a room with an atrium view.








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