Sidecar Doughnuts



With all of the countless doughnut(or donut) shops claiming to be the best, I am here to present my favorite doughnut shop of all time, Sidecar Doughnuts. When I used to work in Santa Monica I walked past the unsuspecting shop many times without paying it much notice. It was not until I attended a wedding that served Sidecar Doughnuts along with the cake(which was a big hit by the way), that I fell in love with them.

Most doughnuts are made with a thick layer of dough at the bottom, and icing on the top. It is hard to explain but Sidecar’s doughnuts taste differently than the doughnuts I have had at most shops, which is why I love them so much. Whatever recipe they use makes the doughnuts melt in your mouth while you eat them. Plus the doughnuts are being made while you wait in line so they are warm and fresh. Yum!

Their main shop in Santa Monica is tiny and it is about nine blocks from the Santa Monica pier, and seven blocks from Third Street Promenade, but is so worth it. I think since it is a little bit removed from the main tourist section the line usually is pretty fast moving. There is a small patio section where you can sit and eat your doughnuts, but most people grab it to go and continue shopping. If you are just visiting the area I would recommend grabbing some for later as you will be thinking about these doughnuts the next morning.

Sidecar also sells coffee to go along with its doughnuts(although I personally have not tried it). Their flagship store is actually located in Costa Mesa, which is near Newport Beach(although I have never visited it). Sidecar’s menu is hard to keep up with as they are always changing flavors monthly and even daily. My personal favorite is their Original Glaze doughnut.







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