Bruno Mars’ 24k Magic World Tour (At the United Center)


I seem to have picked up the habit of getting concert tickets very last minute. I try to tell myself that I do not want to spend the money when tickets are first released for someone’s tour, but then as the date gets closer I panic about missing out and just buy the ticket. I literally purchased these tickets Wednesday morning, twelve hours before the show. I might as well be one of those ticket scalpers that stand outside the venue and ask if you have extra tickets(but who actually goes to a concert with extra tickets in their pocket). Anyways, I do not regret my last minute decision because Bruno Mars is so worth every penny.

The production of the concert itself was a little more low key than I expected, but this is due to the fact you keep your eyes on Bruno Mars the entire time. He is obviously the reason you are buying the tickets, and he is always keeping your attention. Along with his band, which he fondly refers to as the Hooligans, Bruno Mars and his crew sing, dance, use instruments, and make jokes the entire show. Of course I know how great of a singer Bruno Mars is, but I was continuously blown away by his dancing as well. There were many times when he broke off into a dance solo and I never minded one bit. Plus his band keeps up the whole time and impressively masters Bruno’s dance moves while playing their instruments. He covers all of his hits from the most recent album, 24k Magic, and a fan favorite album, Doo Wops and Hooligans.

The 24K Magic World Tour was held at the United Center for all three of the days it stopped in Chicago. The United Center, which is home to the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks, is one of my favorite venues in Chicago. The venue has tons of food options, is kept clean(specifically the bathrooms), has fairly priced parking, and is a nice size. While Soldier Field is so huge and I probably would not spend money on the seats in the far back(as you would not be able to see anything!), the United Center is smaller and allows for better visibility.

Bruno Mars is still in the first half of his tour and has many cities left to visit. You can see a list of his upcoming concert dates here. Also, Camilla Cabello(who is a former member of Fifth Harmony) is opening the tour. Camilla started right at 8pm, while Bruno Mars did not start until about 9:15pm.






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