Draper James

IMG_4454 (2)

When Reese Witherspoon debuted her brand Draper James a couple of years ago I did not pay too much attention to it, mostly due to my perception that there were multiple celebrities trying to start lifestyle brands at the time. However, Draper James has continued to grow and prove itself as a popular brand.

Draper James has a great online store, but the Draper James storefront in Nashville(one of three locations), has become its own tourist spot. The store is located on a great street, 12th Ave. in Nashville, as there are plenty of trendy stores and eateries right next door. Plus when Reese is visiting from Los Angeles she will regularly stop in at Draper James and visit with shoppers. The store workers are incredibly friendly and offer cutomers sweet tea, although I think it is just their way of making you feel guilty about just taking pictures in the store and leaving without actually buying anything(which many people do).

I was impressed with how spacious the store feels, and how many products they sell. However, I do think it is a little pricey, especially since most people visiting the store are tourists. The most common item being sold was the Sugarfina candy that had Draper James written on the side, since it was the cheapest. I did purchase a top and the material holds up well, although the sizes run a little small.

The Draper James style stands out with bright colors and bold patterns, from watermelon to umbrella patterns. All of the items the brand sells, from clothing to stationery to kitchenware, reflects the bubbly personality of Reese with an influence of southern charm.

A few of my favorite items from the Draper James website include this Tote Bag, Hydrangea Dress, Floral Knit Dress, Dog Plate Set, and these Sandals.






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