Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (Shopping)



Lake Geneva is described as a resort town, which means the downtown area is full of resort shopping. For the most part the shopping falls into two categories, either locally owned shops that sell quirky knickknacks or locally owned trendy boutiques that sell clothes and accessories. The downtown area is a little smaller than I expected, but there are a handful of interesting options.

Any shop that is located in a basement deserves to be mentioned. When walking down one of the main streets in Lake Geneva, I was stopped by a sign encouraging me to walk down the stairs and of course I had to check it out. This shop is called the Queen Bee Artisan Market, and it describes itself as Etsy Live, which is a perfect description for a shop filled with jewlry, scarfs, creative signs, etc.

My favorite shop in Lake Geneva is Jayne. This trendy boutique has a few locations spread out around the Chicago suburbs, and I always want to spend all of my money here. It is a larger store with plenty of cute shoes, jewelry, bags, and clothes to choose from.

Other standout shops include E Street Denim Co, Edie Boutique, Allison Wonderland(a very cute toy shop), Geneva Jake’s, BloomingByrds, and Seasons On the Lake.






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