Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Boat Tour



Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is definitely a gem of the Midwest. The quaint town leads into the waterfront of Geneva Lake, but the magnificent homes that line the lake should be the true main attraction. I had visited the town a few times before even learning that there are boat tours that go around the lake, and it was on this tour that I discovered all of the amazing houses.

The company Lake Geneva Cruise Line runs all of the tours around Geneva Lake and tickets can be found at the end of the pier. There are more in depth and longer tours of the lake, although the one hour tours give enough detail and allow you to see the interesting homes right along the front part of the lake. You can also choose tours that add something extra, such as a tour at sunset or tours that include food (lunch, dinner, or ice cream).

I was most surprised to learn that a lot of the properties are owned by Chicago natives. The properties are fairly expensive around the lake so most of the homes are owned by families with deep pockets and booming businesses. The Wrigley family, known, for owning the Wrigley company and for its namesake which graces the Chicago Cubs’ home field, owns multiple properties around the lake.

Depending on the tour you choose you may take a different boat than I did, but I would suggest trying to sit higher up and outside if you can. Most of the seats in my tour were indoors and I sat downstairs in the boat first. However, it is much easier to see the houses when you sit up high, plus the weather was nice and it felt relaxing to sit on a boat outside.








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