Seattle-Tacoma International Airport


While I have definitely not visited a lot of airports, and I know there are some over the top airports around the world, compared to the other United States airports I have visited, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport may be my current favorite.

I always complain about the setup of LAX’s airport, as it is divided into terminals based on airlines, which means certain terminals have better food options than others. Unlike LAX, the Seattle airport is all connected and has a glorious food court at its center. The two most popular eateries were Starbucks(of course) and Anthony’s, a seafood restaurant. Since Seattle is the founding place of Starbucks it would only make sense that there are multiple Starbucks throughout the Seattle Airport, as if you are driving down a street with a Starbucks on every corner. As I mentioned all of the terminals are connected, so if you have enough time you can wander and find different restaurants throughout the airport.

Also the shopping in Seattle’s Airport is  great, especially for an airport. My favorite shop is Fireworks located in the center of the airport. This shop is overflowing with joke books, jewelry, house decorations, inappropriate signs, funny gifts, and a whole bunch of other stuff. You could easily spend an hour in this one store, and they are planning on expanding the size of the store in the airport. If you still have time before your flight you could also browse stores such as Show Pony, Affordable Luxuries, glassybaby, Coach, MAC, Made in Washington, and Planewear, a super cute shop inspired by classic aviation. If you still have extra time, you can stop by Vino Volo for pre-flight wine tastings

Overall Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is a great size, it never felt overcrowded and even with a lot of people waiting in the security line the crew moved everyone through fairly quickly.







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