Ketchikan Port (Food and Shopping)


From other passengers and workers aboard the Alaskan cruise, I was told that Ketchikan had the best shopping. However, I would clarify that in comparison to Juneau and Sitka, Ketchikan has the most shops, but about a third of them are tourist traps. There was a lot of watch and diamond shops, repetitive shops, and shops that claimed to sell locally made goods but did not specify who made the items. There are good shops among the tourist traps, you just have to search them out.

A popular and highly recommended activity in Ketchikan is The Great Alaskan Lumberjack show. Attached to where the show takes place is their shop which has lumberjack themed items and cute stuff overall. Other shops I would recommend include the Ketchikan Mining Co, which is a large store with quality souvenirs, Starboard Frames & Gifts, which had the cutest earrings, and Simply Bella By The Sea, a store full of beach and ocean themed items.

Our stop in Ketchikan was so short that we did not schedule enough time to stop for food, but they had so many popcorn stands and shops around the town that I finally gave in and bought some, and I do not regret it. One of the most popular eateries is the Market Cafe, where on one half is a Salmon Market and the other is a cute coffee shop with smoothies and pastries. Also, right next door to the Lumber jack Show you will find the Ketchikan Fish Market and Crab Cracker Seafodd Bar, and Fat Stan’s Sport Bar and Pizzeria.






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