Juneau Port (Shopping and Food)


When taking an Alaskan cruise, Juneau is most likely the biggest port you will visit, and is usually early on in the cruise. The port map of Juneau I received on board the cruise made it seem like Juneau is lined with watch and diamond shops, but it is much more charming then it appears on paper. Similar to most towns along the Alaskan coast, Juneau is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Tongass National Forest. There is the beautiful ocean on one side, mountains covered in trees on the other side, and the charming town of Juneau in the middle.

While the Red Dog Saloon is a recommended spot for food and drinks, there are also some other great places in downtown Juneau. Heritage Coffee Roasting Co. has multiple locations in Juneau, including a large shop in the downtown area. They of course have coffee, but they also have great gelato, smoothies, baked goods, and fresh and tasty food. Also, if you take a stroll down S Franklin Street you will find a variety of food huts/shacks(not quite food trucks). Along this street there is a pizza place, popcorn place, fish and chips shack, rib shack, a cafe, and a popular crepe hut.

As for shopping, my regret by the end of the Alaskan cruise was that I did not purchase things in Juneau I really liked since it was the first town and I wanted to hold out for the other cities. There were a lot of great shops in Juneau(besides the tourist traps of diamond and watch shops). A few of my favorite Juneau shops include Annie Kaill’s, Sealaska Heritage Store, Caribou Crossings, and ShoeFly. This might sound strange but the post office in town is also a really adorable and funny store. The post office shares a space with Kindred Post, and they sell stationary, jewelry, books, and other items. The most popular stop is Glacier Smoothie Soaps, as Juneau is known for its handmade soaps.






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