The main use, and draw, for the website and app Goldstar is to find discount tickets. Through connections with venues and live entertainment companies, Goldstar is able to provide tickets at a discount price for a whole range of activities and entertainment.

With cheaper tickets comes a little bit of a risk. Sometimes you can choose your seats for musicals and other shows, but sometimes your seat is not assigned until you arrive at the venue. For the latter option I have been given nose bleed seats (although I still enjoyed the show), and I have been given third row seats for really cheap, it just depends on the day. You can also get discounted tickets for other attractions such as museums and tours, which do not require you to have a specific seat anyways. I have also had a spending requirement added to my ticket where it was cheaper, but I had to get a voucher to use at their snack bar.

Although getting cheaper tickets is what drew me to Goldstar, I now use it as a tool to find new things to do. You can search by city and type of attraction. I have discovered comedy clubs I have never heard of, shows I did not know were touring in town, and tours I did not know existed through Goldstar. Even if I want better seats for a show, I will first search on Goldstar to see what is in town and then compare seating and ticket prices.


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