The Getty Villa



The Getty Villa is one of two locations for The Getty, an art organization, but can be more accurately described as The Getty Museum’s younger sibling. It sits off PCH, and is located in Pacific Palisades, which is positioned in between Santa Monica and Malibu. I would not recommend The Getty Villa as a “must do” on its own if you are only visiting the Los Angeles area for a short time. However, it would be a great addition to your list if you will already be in the area visiting Santa Monica or any of the beaches along the coast in this area.

Entrance into The Getty Villa is free, although parking costs $15 so it ends up being the admission fee. Although you do not have to pay for your ticket, you are required to get tickets online ahead of time and reserve your entrance time. When you pull up to the gate they ask for a copy of your confirmation. I am assuming the timed entrance is due to the property’s smaller size, as it can get crowded quickly. Parking also gets crowded quickly, so if possible I would suggest an earlier entrance time.

Similar to The Getty Museum, The Getty Villa is a combination of architecture, well-kept gardens, and ancient art. The property is much smaller than The Getty Museum, so the art museum exhibits are smaller, but the grounds are beautiful and peaceful.



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