Lisa Eldridge Make Up (YouTube Channel)

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 1.55.38 PM


While I personally do not wear a lot of makeup, and tend to stick to the basics instead of experimenting, I do appreciate makeup artists and I find the many makeup tutorial channels on YouTube fascinating. My favorite channel is by accomplished makeup artist Lisa Eldridge.

Lisa Eldridge’s YouTube channel combines makeup tutorials, a sneak peek into the life of a makeup artists, and the history of makeup into one. Her makeup tutorials stand out as my favorite due to the simplicity of a lot of the looks, Lisa’s tutorial style, and the way she uses makeup to highlight a person’s attributes instead of covering them up. Lisa is well-known in the world of makeup artistry and she gives tutorials on many looks she has done for celebrities, including Cara Delevigne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Emma Watson, and Kate Winslet. She also invites other celebrity makeup artists to give tutorials on looks. My favorites include looks for Adele, Princess Diana, and Kate Moss.

Besides makeup tutorials, Lisa also includes a few awesome vlogs that show behind the scenes of her travels and interactions as part of her job as a makeup artist, and Lisa gives tutorials and discusses a lot of the history behind makeup. Lisa displays her love and talent for makeup on her YouTube channel, and just to highlight even further how great her YouTube channel is, Lisa donates all of the proceeds from the ads displayed on her channel to a charity called Girls Fund.

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