Georgetown Cupcakes


I like to see myself as a cupcake connoisseur(based only on the fact I like to watch Cupcake Wars and I eat a lot of cupcakes), and from the many different cupcakes I have tasted, Georgetown Cupcakes is currently my favorite.

The first Georgetown Cupcakes location was opened in Georgetown in 2008, and the co-owners and sisters had a TV series called DC Cupcakes on TLC that aired for three seasons. While I have never watched the show or visited the original location in Washington D.C., there is a storefront out west in Los Angeles and it deserves much more attention than it receives.

The storefront, located on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, has a lovely and spacious shop(not just an “ATM” like Sprinkles), and the cupcakes are reasonably priced. The most important factor, of course, is that they taste great. The cakes are light and fresh tasting and the frosting is not the typical thick frosting from a grocery store but varies between something fancy like ganache icing or something light like a cream cheese frosting.

Georgetown Cupcakes also has a great variety of flavors, and is changing them often. My current favorite flavor is one of their June flavors of the month, Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip. They also mix it up with their gluten free and vegan flavors, which means you can still have creative flavors even with dietary restrictions.




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