The Getty Museum


Even with “June Gloom”, the Getty Museum is still enjoyable, and a beautiful property to explore.

Things To Know About The Getty Museum:

  • The Getty is an art organization involved in the conservation and research of art, while also running two art museum locations in Southern California, The Getty Museum and The Getty Villa.
  • The Getty Museum is located near UCLA, and in-between Brentwood and Bel Air. As a whole this location is known as The Getty Center, as it also includes offices related to The Getty organization. While The Getty Museum(which includes historic art pieces) and the gardens are the main attraction, the buildings that form the entire Getty Center are worth the visit simply for the architecture.
  • The Getty Museum is perched high up, looking over the city below. However, you first park in the main parking structure, go through a quick security checkpoint, and take a five minute tram ride up to the top.
  • The Getty Museum is free for visitors, but you do have to pay for parking which is $15 for a full day, and $10 if you park after 3pm.
  • For food there is a more formal sit down restaurant, called The Restaurant, however reservations are recommended. Otherwise, there are two cafes(where I would recommend the caprese sandwich), and two coffee carts which were popular on an unusually chilly morning in Los Angeles.
  • Since The Getty sits high up above, there are great views from the museum on a sunny day. However, if you plan on visiting The Getty Museum on a day that turns out to be cloudy, do not let it stop you as there is still plenty to see, even if you are not able to see the towns below. The art is all located inside, there is seating inside for the cafe, and for the most part all of the buildings are connected indoors, so if the weather is not ideal you could still visit parts of the museum.
  • My favorite part about The Getty Museum is the contrast between the art pieces and the buildings. The art on display is much more varied and vibrant compared to the sleek design of the buildings that form the museum. In the same way, the green garden stands out more with the white buildings as the background.



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