Wonder Woman

You Should See The Film Wonder Woman:

  • If you enjoy Marvel films. DC films have a bad reputation, and I am very skeptical when I see another DC character getting a film (besides Christopher Nolan’s Batman), but I enjoyed this movie and I think it is because it follows the Marvel formula. The film was not too dark, there was a solid origin story, and the sidekick characters were all interesting.
  • If you like a good superhero origin story. With so many sequels and remakes (looking at you Spiderman), watching Wonder Woman’s origin story actually felt refreshing.
  • If you like slow motion shots. Of course slow motion shots are great, and this is a random observation, but after so many slow motion action shots in a row it became amusing.
  • If you are looking for superhero movies with really good hand-to-hand combat fight scenes.
  • If you like Chris Pine. Of course Gal Gadot as the lead character is awesome, but I also really enjoyed Chris Pine’s character who added heart and laughs throughout the film.
  • If you like the Thor films. I mentioned before that Wonder Woman followed the Marvel formula, but it has a lot of similarities to Thor, including the gods and goddesses aspects, the family feuding, and the joke of putting a god into a human world and they are out of place.


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