Aladdin (The Musical)


You Should See The Musical Aladdin:

  • If you enjoy Disney Theatrical Productions. Aladdin is the most recent Disney stage adaptation, and it is being received well since its opening.
  • For the musical’s over-the-top sets. I would need to watch the play again just to take in and appreciate all of the intricate details put into the amazing set designs.
  • For an enjoyable take on Aladdin. The play was even better than I expected, and I think this is due to the slight modifications to the story that made it a little more mature than the animated film. Basically they put in more adult jokes and witty dialogue that you will understand and enjoy if you are not a child.
  • If you enjoy extravagant musical numbers. The show is not necessarily wall to wall musical numbers, but the show does squeeze out as much as it can from each popular song in Aladdin.
  • For the Genie. Although this play is titled “Aladdin” and the story is supposed to focus on the relationship between Princess Jasmine and Aladdin, Genie steals the entire show. From his dance numbers and dialogue to the terrific acting, Genie entertains in every one of his scenes.
  • If you are currently in New York City or Chicago, where Aladdin is currently playing. Aladdin is playing on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre as well as traveling on its North American Tour. Aladdin is scheduled to play at the Cadillac Palace in downtown Chicago until mid-September and cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Cincinnati, and Minneapolis will be hosting it in the future.



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