The Grammy Museum



The Grammy Museum is tucked away between the tall buildings at L.A. Live, and you could easily miss it. The Grammy Museum may not get much attention compared to some of the other museums in Los Angeles, but it is an entertaining museum that would be worth your time.

The focus of the museum is on the Grammy Awards show, since the Grammy Awards have been consistently hosted at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.This means the “history” portion of the museum is fairly recent compared to most museums, but is still interesting. I would say about half of the museum focuses on the award show itself, including the Grammy statues, famous Grammy performances, speeches given at the Grammys by performers, outfits worn at the Grammys, and other information and moments from past award shows.

The other half of the museum focuses on the history of the music industry itself. Different exhibits highlight music genres, specific performers, how music has changed through each decade, details on how music is recorded, etc. The best part of this museum is that it is very interactive, which is usually required when it involves music. There are headphones everywhere, so you can listen and experience the music while you read and learn more about the industry.

The museum entrance faces out towards the main street around L.A. Live, on W Olympic Blvd., so you will have to park in the main L.A. parking complex and walk out towards the museum. It consists of four floors so you take an elevator to the fourth floor and then make your way down as you walk through the exhibits. Around L.A. Live you can find the Grammys’ version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame with markers on the ground that highlight Grammy winners.


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