The Grove (and Farmer’s Market)


Known for its ambiance, the Grove has become a trendy hangout for residents and tourists alike in Southern California.

Things to Know About the Grove:

  • Honestly, the shopping at the Grove does not stand out to me, but there appears to be continuous effort to expand and open new stores every time I visit. At the Grove you will find shops such as Sephora, Anthropologie, Apple, Madewell, Nike, and others you can find here.
  • The Grove has really been focusing on promoting trendy dessert spots including Sprinkles Cupcakes, Dylan’s Candybar, the recent opening of Laduree, and the planned opening of well-known pastry chef Dominique Ansel’s first official restaurant in the fall of 2017. The Grove also has Umami Burger, Maggiano’s, and the Cheesecake Factory as their main restaurants.
  • I am convinced that celebrity book signings are the only reason Barns & Noble is still around. The Barnes & Noble at the Grove is a favorite among celebrity authors as you can regularly find a celebrity promoting their autobiography and making a stop at The Grove’s Barnes & Noble.
  • The Grove is headed by Caruso Affiliated, which heads other Southern California properties such as The Americana so you might notice similarities between the two.
  • The Grove also hosts a variety of events such as fashion shows, pop up shops, product launches, TV events, and more which usually involve a celebrity promotion or collaboration.
  • While technically the Farmers Market is a separate entity from the Grove, it is still my favorite part of the Grove. The Farmers Market is on the same property as the Grove, but just likes to advertise itself as its own thing with their own website and distinction as “The Original Farmers Market”. Of course you will find fresh fruit and vegetables but there is also rows and rows of great food stands including crepes, Cajun food, bakeries, barbecue, seafood, and more.



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