L.A. Live


L.A. Live is a newly built, and still expanding, entertainment area in downtown Los Angeles. Most of the buildings were completed in only the last ten years with more restaurants, apartments, hotels, and attractions planned for the future.

Things to Know About L.A. Live:

  • The main attraction at L.A. Live is the Staples Center, a concert venue and home to the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, and Kings. You will also find the Los Angeles Convention Center, home to many events throughout the year, and the Microsoft Theater which hosts Hollywood events such as the People’s Choice Awards and movie premieres. Anytime you visit L.A. Live there is a good chance you will come across some big event.
  • Marriott definitely owns this corner as they have built a Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, Courtyard, and a Residence Inn surrounding L.A. Live. This means if you are looking to stay in downtown Los Angeles you can find something that falls in your price range.
  • If you are attending an event at any of the venues, then arrive early and take advantage of the many restaurants at L.A. Live. The restaurants vary from Fleming’s Steakhouse and Katsuya to Smashburger and Rock N’ Fish, so you should find something you enjoy on their list here. My favorite restaurant at L.A. Live is Yardhouse.
  • Whenever I walk around L.A. Live I always think to myself that here is a bad mix of too many screens and too much advertisement. L.A. Live is decked out with an obnoxious amount of screens that mostly display commercials. I am fine with one, or even two screens on opposite ends of the plaza, but to have four or five screens next to each other displaying the same Tostitos add is very overwhelming.
  • For the most part parking is straightforward as there is plenty of garage parking right next to the Staples Center, Los Angeles Convention Center, the hotels, and specifically for L.A. Live. However parking always fills up quickly wherever you go so getting to your event earlier is just always better.
  • Besides the venues and restaurants, L.A. Live also has the Conga Room, The Grammy Museum, and Regal Cinemas for entertainment.
  • L.A. Live is definitely bringing some life into downtown Los Angeles. It is located right next door to the financial district and about two and a half miles from the University of Southern California. It has also set off a chain reaction of new hotels, apartments, and other skyscrapers popping up in the area.


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