Option B


In reading the book Option B from Sheryl Sandberg (author, Facebook executive, and businesswoman) you will read about:

  • The emotional tale of Sheryl Sandberg’s husband’s death and the aftermath
  • Her experience through the process of grief
  • Parenting, as a single parent, through grief
  • A variety of other people’s personal resilience stories, including stories about miscarriages, death of a child, rape, death of a spouse, rejection by family members, cancer, suicide, disabilities, incarceration, poverty, abuse, etc.
  • How we approach and recover from negative events
  • The need for policies regarding time off from work to deal with emotional and health related issues
  • How friends and family can support someone going through a difficult time in their life
  • Dealing with our own mistakes and forming self-compassion
  • Therapeutic aspects of journaling
  • Looking for positive outcomes and personal growth out of trauma and tragedy
  • Learning to draw from moments of joy in life, no matter how small
  • Teaching resilience to children
  • How to move forward from failure

Overall, Option B is an emotional and encouraging book.

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